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 Welcome to the NATIONAL SPORTS FOUNDATION, a non-profit 501(c)(3) institution established to support and enhance sport in America.


Our Mission
The foundation's mission is to preserve the nation's sports heritage, to record, exhibit, educate and recognize significant American sporting events, sports journalism, sport art and exceptional athletic achievements by Americans, and to assist in the development of the youth of America through sports-related programs designed to encourage the pursuit of educational excellence on par with the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Organization Profile
Over the past several years, the National Sports Foundation has developed a plan for the future of the organization, including the creation of a campus complex in downtown Atlanta containing administrative offices, the National Sports Museum, the National Sports Library, an all-sports Tape & Film Repository, an educational program department, a sports information resource center, traveling exhibition galleries, special event production, sports clinics, community outreach programs, a state-of-the-art screening theatre, television and film programming, on-site services, entertainment projects, plus an adjacent full-service hotel with retail and hospitality amenities including meeting, reception and banquet facilities.

The foundation is a member of the International Sports Heritage Association (ISHA), formerly the International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame (IASMHF), the North American Sports Library Network (NASLIN), the Atlanta Sports Council and the National Center for Non-Profit Boards (NCNB), among other educational and sports-oriented organizations.

Contact Information
For further information regarding foundation projects, special events, sports information services, donations, and volunteer opportunities, please contact us at:

Postal Address
P.O. Box 888886
Atlanta, GA 30356-0886 USA
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